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  • Triathlon & Open Water Coaching

  • 1:1 Stroke Analysis

For all of your Open Water or Triathlon Swim coaching needs:
We specialise in Open Water & Pool based coaching for Triathlon, including HD Video analysis.
We coach all abilities from Novice to Elite athletes. 

Experienced Swimmers and Triathletes to Novice/First Timers

1:1 Video Analysis

Never underestimate the value of investing in good swim technique. There is always room for improvement, and the best way to spot and correct that improvement, whether it's 'tweaking' or a full reset and re-start with fresh swim tools, is to have a 1:1 stroke analysis.

We offer 3 options:

Option 1:

A full 1:1 Stroke Analysis with Steve Bailey, including both underwater & overwater filming, followed by a 15min feedback/review of your swim stroke, highlighting both the 'good' and the 'room for improvement' aspects of your freestyle. Then it's back in the water to take you through the stroke corrections needed to set you off on your new Swim-Freestyle journey.

Option 2:

The same as above, with Steve Bailey but excluding the filming. 

A Swim Stroke correction/brush up session.

Option 3:

The same as Option 2 but coached by Sam Aplin (Also excludes the filming element) These sessions are more suited to swimmers who are only just starting out on their swimming journey/first triathlon or open water swim. 

We also use the latest Swim Technology that allows us to talk/coach those vital changes to your stroke 'as you are swimming' via bluetooth headsets. The added bonus of this is that we can pack a lot more into the session by talking to you 'live' as you swim rather than having to wait until you reach the other end of the pool. The system also enables us to 'talk' you into that correct position/technique as you are swimming which helps you experience what the correct technique actually feels/looks like.


The bluetooth headsets can also be used in Open Water swims and has proven extremely popular and beneficial for nervous first time swimmers too.

All sessions can be booked on our Mobile App


You are twice as likely to achieve your goals with a Training Plan 

How our Personalised Training Plans will benefit you ... 

  • Detailed daily workout calendar via xhale.

  • Drag + Drop workouts that can fit around your lifestyle. 

  • Easy access Training Plan via phone, tablet, PC or print-out. 

  • Sync your workouts to your watch or Platysens Marlin! 

  • Logging of your progress + Coach to Athlete feedback.

  • Email access to Coach.   

Want to get started? ...


Contact us & tell us about your training goals or racing ambitions - we'd love to hear from you!


Adult Learn2Swim / Freestyle Improvers

Friday 20:30/21:30: £35
Saturday 17:00/18:00: £35
Saturday 18:00/19:00: £35
Sunday 08:30/09:30: £35
Thursday 07:15/08:15 £45
Friday 20:30/21:30: £45
Saturday 17:00/18:00: £45
Saturday 18:00/19:00: £45
Sunday 08:30/09:30: £45

Do you want to learn how to swim freestyle, or feel nervous about getting in the water?

Perhaps you can manage a length or two of freestyle but quickly feel out of breath, as if you're fighting with the water ...

Or maybe you've entered a triathlon or open water swim as an incentive to learn how to swim freestyle!

If this sounds like you ... 

Join us for a 1:1 or group Learn2Swim session!

Already swim freestyle but not sure if you're ready for a 1:1 Video Analysis?

Perhaps you just want to brush up on your freestyle technique, or recap on the drills and techniques learned in a previous 1:1 Video Analysis session ... 

If this sounds more like you ...

Join us for a 1:1 or group Freestyle Improvers session!

See our bookings page for cost and availability, or if you have any questions or queries, email Sam at

Finis Communicator enables the coach to talk to you as you swim!

Open Water Coaching

with Swim-Freestyle at Ellingham Ski Lake 

Dive on in! The water is always beautiful!

 Details for swimming at Ellingham are below:

 or call Matt Duncan on 07506 380238  

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